Welcome to the MfrDB website. The database presented here contains online data of mathematical formulae. All samples are annotated and thus suitable for tuning and testing recognition methods.

The website offers you the possibility to:

  • Find out details about the collected samples.
  • Download the newest release.
  • Find relevant documents and publications.
  • Browse the database online and search by parameters.

License information

The database can be used freely for non-commercial purposes. If you are interested in its commercial application, please contact us.

If you are using our database in your scientific research, please cite the following publication in which the database was introduced and described:

Jan Stria, Martin Bresler, Daniel Prusa, Vaclav Hlavac. MfrDB: Database of Annotated On-Line Mathematical Formulae. In ICFHR 2012: Proc. 13th International Conference on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition. Bari, Italy, September 2012, IEEE, p. 540-545.
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Do you want to participate in data collection?

If you are interested, please visit our web-based interface for collecting data and enter some mathematical formulae. It is possible to use tablet with stylus, touch screen, or just a mouse.

Data Collector